Show your favorite Texture Patterns!

Hi there, I might start building a few new texture patterns and wanted your input. The old ones are cool but I wanted to revamp a bit of it to make it feel better for me personally. I could fail at this, but I don’t care, will try anyway :stuck_out_tongue:
My personal focus is cloth/fabric canvases for realist painting etc, maybe you guys have others you would love to see in Krita.

I am not at the point where I would be happy with it, but this is sort of the canvas I would like to paint with.

Also, I’m trying to wrap my mind around how I need to create them for the most flexible and dynamic outcome.

These are exciting times and I’ll write you guys back once I’m back home in the evening.


I had shared my texture and patterns on my blog here - Seamless Handmade Textures · raghukamath | Freelance Illustrator from Mumbai

@Deevad had shared some and the watercolour one from that bundle is one of my favourite - Five traditional textures - David Revoy


Very nice, I really like some of those textures! Especially all the gritty, gritty, dirty ones.

So here’s what I did so far. Yeah, it is actually 3d because I wanted to have the most possible control. It is not perfect but it is a start. :slight_smile:

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