Side bars on website

I just opened Krita Artists and for some reason noticed that there are large areas with nothing in them on either side of the screen, I am not sure if this is the case on mobile devices however I am wondering whether it would be a good idea to use that space to expand the website horizontally.

Ctrl + “+”, try it.

No that’s just zooming in.
Actually that sort of works but everything goes very large, and I was talking about spreading things out horizontally, i.e. with more things on an individual row.

This site uses the default theme that is supplied by the software called discourse. We can’t make big changes to it. But thanks for the feedback I will check if something can be done.

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Personally I wouldn’t want any content to be added. I really like the reduced layout - makes it so much nicer to browse and read, as opposed to other (imho very cluttered) sites.

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I agree, it’s very nice this way.

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