Since I mentioned it in the troubleshooting area.... Windows 11 Anyone?

I upgraded a couple of my old machines to Windows 11 using the work-arounds/bypass registry hack and or Github bypass scripts…worked fine on everything (including a N22 Lenovo Celeron 3050) and I like the look and feel and it even seems a smidge faster… and has no issues upgrading or with various applications…so went ahead and took the plunge and updated my main machine…

as I mentioned in the troubleshooting thread I’ve had two unexpected exits of Krita 4.4.8 where it just exits…no error messages or anything… nothing else changed so my evil eye is looking at Win 11…

Anyone else updated to Win 11 and using Krita on it?

When introducing a new software package, be it Windows 11 or even the future Krita 5.0, I always calculate with the unanticipated.
But I would definitely expect such problems especially when I need unofficial scripts / patches to “persuade” it to cooperate on a hardware platform obviously considered by Microsoft as not suitable for it. No matter how much the vendors declare their patches to be great and secure, the only ones who currently know halfway what Windows 11 needs for stable operation work for a Redmond software giant, all those who now offer patches for this new OS can only hope to have turned the right screw :wink:


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I use win11 and beta2
No abnormalities at the moment

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@Michelist yeah, well, there is also the profit motive that must be considered. Particularly in this case where they are arbitrarily restricting the installation to specific (new) CPUs etc.

I’m inclined to think the restrictions are more profit/control/walled garden motivated than actual technical reasons…and installing the OS one a handful of machines …even an old Lenovo N22 with a Celeron 3050 Processor tends to support that.

In any case I’m hoping my Krita issue was just a glitch of some kind but will keep a close and careful watch on it.

I’ve had zero issues (other than those two unexpected exits) with any of my software, drivers, etc…

Worst case I’ll roll back or reinstall win 10.

be careful, i’ve heard that even if you can install Windows11 on pc that don’t fit the restrictions, you won’t be able to access to updates…

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@mako Yes. That’s where they are exercising the ‘control.’ I’m waiting to see if they really do enforce that or not…I have already gotten a few Security updates so that at least seems normal, but the OS updates may be a different matter…the scuttlebutt is that people don’t expect MS to actually enforce it (based on prior actions WRT installing Win 10) but time will tell. Worst case I’ll reinstall Win 10 or move to a newer computer most likely in any case in the next year or two. :slight_smile:


…and actually…just now I got the first Cumulative Update (2021-10 Cumulative Update for Windows 11 for x64-based Systems (KB5006674) for Windows 11… woo-hoo!

Honestly, if Valve can keep its promise to get all their games working on Linux, with Steam Deck and SteamOS around the corner, I think of ditching Windows entirely. I currently only have it for gaming. So my current plan is to keep Win 10 as long as I can, see how the Linux Gaming thing works out and then make a decision.

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Since MS doesn’t live off its hardware business, and almost anyone with sufficiently sized hardware and a TPM 2.0 module can upgrade for free if they have a valid Windows 10 license, I don’t think W 11 will make much money for MS, because OEMs won’t pay more for W 11 than for W 10. I think the main reason is really the security aspect. Also the transition period speaks for it, because within these periods most users sporadically stock up with new hardware.