Sineater Grey Scale Gallery

It was a bad day where I live.

This stuff looks so dark in intent but I am not a dark person, I just like to draw creepy stuff and have since forever.


Very creepy, but very cool at the same time! :scream: :laughing: Really nice work!

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Thanks for checking in and taking the time to comment.

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I like your stuff. Are you a fan of Beksinski by any chance? I’m considering learning krita and wanted to see if it was capable of that sort of thing. Looks like pretty much yes. :slight_smile:

I am a big fan of Beksinki and would love to some day be able to do that type of grand scene art. I started drawing again in February after a 25 year break with a five year plan, since I retired, to learn how to do art but like everyone else I’m on a day by day plan these days. I’m also a big fan of an artist named Anton Semenov but with either influence I am just not skilled enough to pull that stuff off. Thanks for looking, I’m glad you enjoyed it and check out my other galleries for some more oddities.

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A few new pictures. Every picture is challenging myself since I have no idea how to get results. I used Adjustment curves for the first time today and that makes things a lot simpler.

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Need to use history to determinate the new pictures
Maybe it could be useful, when adding new picture to main topic, to add a separator like – Added 2020-05-15 –


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or even make a new thread for every new piece. if you hesitate because you think it’s spamming- it isn’t. remember this is an art forum.

also only the first image of every thread is shown on your portfolio page and yours looks unnecessary empty i would say.


I’m so glad I clicked on the thread. This is awesome

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Thank you so much edgarej, I watched all your videos. CyMonk and Grumm999 I will have to say that yes I felt like it would start to be a bit like spamming since I do a picture a day. I will think about this since I do think they get hidden in the galleries. Thanks for checking in, I appreciate it.

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These are amazing original artwork. Truly wonderful !!! I think Angelhair is my fav, but all are great.

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Thanks naloe for taking the time to let me know.

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Incredible work!

Thank you very much.

I think you should do a new post for each art work, to make the most of it, when you do a big image dump it’s easier for the work to get overlooked after a few days. Also, if one of the images is worthy of being highlighted, it might not get chosen because it is among others.
Still, it’s great to have all this work to look at in one place.

I started to separately upload them recently at the recommendation of the mods. Thank you for the kind words.