Singer, songwriter, guitarist

I drew the pencils for this image and for a week or more have been attempting to lay ink on them, but every attempt looked awful, I had pretty much given up on it but tonight I gave it another go and in about an hour I had the thing done. I think there’s no shame in re-doing an image again and again, looking back I notice I’ve been doing this quite a bit so I’ll just consider it a thing to do now.


I like the ‘white small dots’ effect texture (don’t know how name it…?) on black part :slight_smile:

Question: about the title “Singer, songwriter, guitarist” I guess you’ve drawn someone known, but I don’t know who is it :sweat_smile:
Can you tell us who is it ? :slight_smile:


Yeah, this link has some information, actually I never knew she was Australian born, just read that on the wiki page. Anyway I’ve been listening to her stuff on YouTube over the last few weeks and had never heard of them before since I don’t really follow contemporary music much. That photo appeared in some fan video montage so I screen captured it, because she’s pulling a scrunch face and I thought it would be interesting to see if I could replicate it in comic style.
I guess she’s not well known except in that LA punk rock scene, and all these women can change up their look on a whim anyway. Here’s a different treatment of the same image.

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Thanks for info !

Found them on Spotify, I’ll listen them to see :slight_smile:

I like second version too, especially how lips are accorded with background color :+1: