Site Bugs: from a users perspective

Fist of all, I think the site design is great!..

… It just sucks at implementation …

first example is loading of the featured page …
(NOTE alot of these images load in browser cache)… and are rather large …

NOTE: this is what it looks like when it freezes after clicking on ‘Featured Artworks’ as the style of the page helps only to lag and cache the hell outta your browser. This is the SLOWEST LOADING PAGE ON THE WEB. why? welll… loook at alll the images… there definetely needs to be some improvement. I’d like a standard forum list of pages by default, not a collage of images.

NOTE: a million users do not need to download a cache the size of the grand canyon everytime they visit the site, or letalone the ‘Featured’ page.

NOTE: this image above has been optimized… What about the 1000* others that have been uploaded…

plz help… (I’m not going to do this myself!)

What needs to be done:

Loading of the featured images page. Keeps getting stuck on firefox.

Thank you.

I cleared my browser (Palemoon) cache, restarted it, checked it was cleared and then opened the site - the front page loaded fully in just over a second.
I clicked on every image across the top and every page loaded in less than a second.
I clicked on the Artwork link and got a full page of images in less than 2 seconds.
I repeated this with Chromium and had the same result.
Firefox and Waterfox were noticably slower but not bad at all.

On a good day, I can get a download rate of 20Mb/s but it’s usually about 15 Mb/s. Have you tested your download rate using or a similar service? Have you tried a different browser? Does your browser have a boatload of plugins and addons (which can slow a browser down)?

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I might as be testing on the worst standards myself(that includes low HDD and Low RAM) amongst others, cause I’ll upload them to other computers witch have far less.

Upon cleanness of CBook and righteousness, If I cannot survive at chromebook stage, then you will not either.
Graphics take up a lot of time as far as everything, so optimize that part. then start unittest…
NOTE: I don’t have time to optimize your website or images!

@Metallicow first of all, I checked it and I don’t really know what you’re talking about. On my display, even though I have a lot of space taken vertically because of two system panels (on the top and on the bottom) and 5 rows in Firefox (title of the window; menu bar; tabs bar; address bar; bookmarks bar), I still see plenty of space underneath the pictures.

Second of all, I inspected the images on the top row and all of them linked to images like that:

Which is this address:
NOTE “optimized” and “400x225” in the address, it’s clear that it takes from a thumbnails instead of the big images that people post (in this case, the original is 3085×1774). This little one takes 78kB, the big one takes 2.5MB. It’s just when you click on the small one, it will take you to a page with the big one.

Some more notes:

You know no one here is actually writing this software? It’s Discourse, an open source project that we use.

Yeah, well, we decided to have a list of features images by default to showcase Krita’s artists abilities. It is supposed to be, at least partially, an art forum, and putting features images on the main page is intentional, in fact it’s a plugin and someone had to dig deep to find it and adjust to our needs.

You may want to reread your posts and contemplate deeply if the tone you used in them is compatible with “Always Be Civil” rule. Or whether people you talk like that to will be more or less likely to listen to your complaints.


So you’re basically complaining that the art gallery does show artworks by default?

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I’ve try’d loading the page on at least 3 machines. It appears Firefox doesn’t like the thumbs layout of the featured page or something. The thumbs keep getting stuck all loading at the ‘first’ slot. This is probably a problem with discorse more than the site options to be tinkered the generated html. Seems like too much animations are trying to go on at the same time or something… something is bugged tho, I can say that…

It’s kind of strange because it only happens on that page. Upon loading it often times just locks up, and the image cache seems to be the blame as far as space is concerned. The top imagebar loads just fine under blender artists and here, just the featured page itself keeps on locking up. Of corse when scrolling to the bottom of a page it tries to load more images tooo, which never get loaded because it is stuck in some sort of infinite loop.

The same thing happens whether logged in or not as far as the stuttering and lockup. Firefox72

I suggest that you try the Palemoon browser to see if it makes a difference.

Works on my phone (Android), Laptop and Desktop (Manjaro) and at work (Win10) perfectly with Firefox. Do you maybe use some browser plug-ins or extensions that could cause this, like no-script?

Yes, it appears I have a few filters that are stopping/halting the loading process.
It appears on that page discourse does 2 sorts, one a general loading sort then, it places the items in correct column/row with the second sort.
The adblocker settings appear to consider the whole page an add cause images/etc take up the majority of the screen and are over a certain size… plus they are all random.
Web of trust kinda has some filter options you can set up that does the same.
And additional Mature/nsfw filters block stuff if it even sees certain words/patterns.

When I disabled all those the pages load now. still they are garbled at first but are semi garbled/sorted, but only for about 30 seconds per page. Not all artworks have a preview tho… Also I find it funny that there are no acceptable ads anywhere that are trying to sell me paintbrushes or something lol.
Plus to see the mature content, you have to be logged in and change settings, so that one is a semi-gotcha.

The discorse sorting algorithm probably still needs some polishing as it is kinda slow and thumbnails instead of 3-5 big images per screen hieght would still load a lot better.

Apparently the combination of these filters come to the conclusion that the artwork sorted pages are some sort of big malware/spam ads or whatnot.
This can be closed as resolved.