Site costs - donate?


I’m wondering how much it cost per month to maintain krita-artists?
I think I read somewhere the storage is now around 150GB…

Does krita-artists maintainers need some donation?
If yes, how can we help?



Thank you very much @Grum999 for thinking about the financials of the admin team :). It also gives me opportunity to put things out in open.

We use hetzner for hosting. There are two servers one handles dns, mail etc, and one is for running discourse. Right now I am paying 11 - 12 euros per month. This month it is 11.39 euro.

Earlier we stored last 4 backup so for example, if total site uploads were 20gb it took 80gb. This added to cost for us. We moved to backblaze storage for storing backups now. It charges around $1 per month.

You might have heard about the 150gb storage from IRC meeting. We were planning to move to bigger disk as our current disk used for upload and database which is 50GB was almost full only 6 GB was remaining. We also have a internal block storage from hetzner of 50GB which is used to keep backup before uploading it to backblaze. So in total we have 100 GB now and we were planning to migrate to bigger 150GB. But I did some cleanup and removed old docker images and other redundant data and recovered some space. We still have some headroom till 100GB is filled and we finally will need to make the transition. Whcih will have some downtime of about 1/2 hr.

Now coming back to accepting donation. I am okay to pay the money now and not yet feel burdened by it yet. It is my way of donating to Krita. But I know it will be a growing cost. Right now I do not know the regulations for taxation and other legal matter regarding accepting foreign donation in my country so I can’t accept donation without making sure about it. Furthermore before accepting donation, if such need arises due to my financial instability, I would transfer the ownership of the site to KDE sysadmins and KDE or krita foundation can handle the monetary things as well as admin side of things.

I have not yet decided on this and right now it is not a issue monwtarily for me. So I am maintaining the status quo.


Thank you for the details @raghukamath ! Keep us posted. I would love to donate!
(as I do the the Krita project a couple of times a year).

At a computer forum I participate in, they partnered with a company to cover the costs. The advertisements only appear for those who are not logged into the forum.

Couldn’t something similar be done here?

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Thank you for your generosity. I had no idea you were paying for this site. Plus you put in innumerable hours in setting it up and maintaining it. It’s very much appreciated.

I found this forum during my 3rd attempt to try to learn Krita. This forum and its contributors is what helped me really dive in and love working with Krita.

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@raghukamath Thanks for détails and explanation

I understand your point of view concerning donation, here too taxes ans other administratives stuff are just too complex…
But a PayPal donation might be simple to manage (give money to a friend)

Asking KDE to manage forum could be a solution but I’m afraid it will be managed like current KDE forum (all applications in a single phpbb forum :face_with_spiral_eyes:), I prefer too see it fund by community but we’re not here yet :slightly_smiling_face:

Anyway if at a moment it start to be difficult to manage, don’t hesitate to create a topic before deciding to let management to KDE fondation

@Guerreiro64 having advertisement would be very bad, even if displayed for non registered users only.
For me it’s something on the opposite of open source spirit, it’s tracking users, and all other weird stuff.



I seem to remember that Raghukamath attends the Krita meetups in the Netherlands.

One solution could be to have one of our dutch members open an account there, people can transfer money to it and Raghu can use it there to cover some of the travel expenses.

This may sound complicated but please bear with me:

@raghukamath or somebody makes a bundle called the Krita-Artists Donation Bundle. It could contain just about anything but I’m sure something nice could be put together, including a nice Donation Certificate image.

That bundle goes up for sale in the krita shop ( Shop | Krita )
Maybe €4,95 ? Maybe more than one bundle, the €4,95 bundle and the €9,95 bundle, whatever seems suitable.
People buy it with the intent of making a donation.

Every month or every quarter, the krita shop/org notes the amount of profit that was made from the sales of that special bundle.
Then pays Hetzner (a German company) an amount to the benefit of Raghu’s account with Hetzner.

@Grumm999: It won’t be bad if it’s done right. One of the founders of the forum I mentioned was Carlos Morimoto, creator of the old Kurumin distro. At the time, the income to support the forum, I believe, came from the sale of technical books. Afterwards, Morimoto walked away and the books were no longer selling as before.

They had to make a partnership… and that was good because the forum continues until today, clarifying doubts as much of Linux as of Windows and in the hardware part.

But, of course, the decision is yours. This is just my suggestion…

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