Site layout... Phone vs tablet view

Is there a way for the site makers to adjust how the site looks when viewed from a phone?

Screenshots to compare:

How the site looks on tablet…

How it looks from a smart phone…

Notice how the profile icon is very large in the phone view compared to the tablet view. Also, with the tablet view, the icon is off to the left a bit. Is it possible to get the phone version to be more like the tablet view? The tablet view looks more logical (nothing is overlapping).

Hello, you are talking about tablet view and mobile view (but the site offers only “mobile view” and “desktop view”), so it sounds like you are not aware that you can switch the view of the website via the square button with the 3 horizontal stripes at the top right (the button between the icon with the magnifying glass and your user image). When you click on that button, a menu opens where you have to click on the text “Mobile View” in the lower left corner to switch the display mode. So in the screenshot I provide first press at the top at 1. and then at the bottom at 2. With a little luck you will like the display better I hope.


By the way, this site is just an off the shelf forum software called discourse.

There is only so much Krita can do to customize it, how it looks on different devices is not one of the options.


Found it, tried it (put phone browser in desktop view). Seems to work ok when viewing profiles, then I’d have to switch back to mobile view for reading the form. :+1:t2:

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