Sketchbook forum

Hi, good to see an official forum for Krita.

Can a sketchbook category separate from wip, finished artwork etc. be created? will be nice to track progress of artists.

There is a #sketch tag you can use it, if you feel the sketch is not a finished artwork then it can go to the #artwork:work-in-progress category with the sketch tag of course.

hi, sorry, let me clarify. I’m not talking about an individual piece of work, i’m talking about sharing work that you do daily, like studies. If I want to share something i’m working on daily lets say anatomy, lighting studies for example, rather than spamming work in progress with multiple topics, I can just put them in one topic. This is fairly common on most art forums.

work-in-progress forum should probably be kept for progress on an individual piece of artwork. Ofcourse only my suggestion/opinion.

There is already such threads in here. I suggest you make a thread in finished artwork category and keep on posting in that thread, if you post a new artwork the topic will be brought to top and people will read it.

The reason why I don’t want to make sketch category is that we already have a tag for it and if we keep on making categories there will be no limit to it as in there will be a still life category, there can be a water color category, there can be a portrait category and so on, these are good as tags in my opinion and not as categories.

ok no problem, I will use the available categories.