Sketchbook subcategory in artwork

I was wondering here wouldn’t it be better organized to have a sketchbook category?

I was looking for sketchbook threads and saw that some post it on finished artworks, others in works in progress, some add the tag sketch while others doesn’t.

Makes it a bit hard to find all the threads the way it is now, like sure you can find with the search function but maybe a category of its own would be helpful to centralize everything in one place.


Will a tag be better?

the problem with the tag that i see is that the sketchbooks will continue to be scattered between work in progress and finished categories. But i guess the tag could help in searching the threads at least.

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Fiar enough, I will create a sketchbook category


Okay I have created the #artwork:sketchbook category now. I have moved some posts into it, but if you (members with edit privileges) encounter any other posts that you think is suitable under sketchbook please move it.


Never thought of this. Cool!

@raghukamath It didn’t seem to be available to me when I tried to move a thread.

I did it for me, you need to scroll down and you’ll find it with a red square (not orange) if everything is ok. It’s the last one in the artwork category

What topic do you want moved, maybe I can try for you?


@MangaTengu & @Michelist

Thanks! After reloading the page while holding shift it worked.


This is good news! I’ve often thought it would be a good idea - also for sketches in general since they don’t really fall under WIPs or finished works. I remember suggesting that a couple of years ago but I know that thread was deleted. :thinking:

The sketchbook section was one of the most popular parts on conceptart .org - I saw a lot of artists develop by posting regularly and giving each other feedback.

I’m sure @edgarej will be pleased too! :wink:

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this is pretty cool, i love this. are you starting one myth?

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I approve of this move. :slight_smile: im more comfortable having it as a subsection, it makes it easier to find other sketchbooks all under one plac3.

Yeah - I’ve been thinking about it.

I did set one up on CA before the end, but it took about 13 years to get around to it! :sweat_smile:

@Mythmaker You shouldn’t wait another thirteen years to implement yours in krita! people will benefit from you!


Hah! I don’t know how much benefit people will get from my scruffy scribbles, but I’ll get on it soon - just been preoccupied with other things. :wink:

I’m also sitting on a collection of almost finished pieces that taunt me endlessly. One day I shall prevail… one day…

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