Small color selector changes color by itself

Hello, I have noticed that the small color selector changes color by itself, and they are not small changes, it can change , from a blue to an orange and things like that. I sense that it shouldn’t be like that, right? :upside_down_face:

It occurs in 8 and 16 bits, and 4.4.1 and 5.0 prealpha. I use windows 10.

Simply click a blue for example and it jumps directly to an orange.

It seems to be a problem with a graphic card - some people were talking about it, for example here:

I guess you can try to change graphic acceleration as mentioned in those this post, or try to update the graphics card driver.

Hello, I do not think it is the same problem, nor is it the one I mentioned recently about the advanced color selector (they may be related in their base, but not in the effect).

The problem is … weird :crazy_face:. If I press the color blue on the bar, it immediately turns orange, and paints orange. If I put it in orange, it goes in blue, and it paints blue. If it is in blue, and I click on the box, it turns orange and vice versa. With the other colors as well, but the changes are minor, depending on the color, more or less.

In addition, this also happens in the specific color selector in Lab mode. There I have not stopped to check which one it changes to, but you click one and it changes to a totally different one. And paint with the one that krita has changed you.

Here is a screenshot just at the moment of selecting blue, a second before krita automatically changes it to orange. And one of the orange to which it changes.


Ok, no idea then :smiley: maybe somebody else can try to help, before reporting a bug

Can you please record a video? And please provide Help -> Show system information for bug reports.

Yes, of course, do I paste the system information here? and how should i upload the video?

Well, I don’t know if I have done it well, I have tried it with gifs and webp, but the first was very big and the second I am not sure how it worked.

If it has to be done in another way, tell me. Please. (Should I paste the system information here?)

You can paste the system info into, make it week time durable so it will self-destroy after that time.

Also please tell me what is the color space of the image? (And why is there no bottom bar in your Krita? Maybe it’s configurable somewhere… but it’s really useful tbh).

The color space of the default. srgb_elle_v2. It occurs in 8 and 16 bits and in 4.4.1 and 5.0 prealpha. The bar, you mean the one at the bottom of the screen, right? I don’t know right now, I don’t know if I changed it at some point or changed by itself. I’m going to check that.

I have just found the option to remove the canvas scrollbars. Did you mean that? I think I remember that before I had more frame underneath, but I do not know if I have dreamed it, changed at some point or have touched an option.

Okay, I already found it. You meant the status bar , in the menu view, right? It is an option.

I’m going to leave it when I go to upload images. thanks.

like orange is the complement blue so it sounds like a flip of values index upon an update?

did someone correct the BGR into RGB to do that flip and forgot to update the other pickers or something?

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