Small update in Terms of Service of the forum - concerning depiction of sexual activity in submissions

I just wanted to update all of our members about a small update and change I made in the Terms of Service of this forum, clarifying the terms regarding posting artworks which contain depiction of sexual activities. Earlier the text mentioned that images with erotic pose or ones which show genitalia or private parts should be tagged as NSFW, and it was implied by me that users will not share pornographic content. But I think we need to be more explicit in this point. So I added some more lines to make it more clear. here is the updated point:

  1. Paintings / images which show genitalia, private parts or subject in erotic pose should be marked nsfw by using the nsfw tag while posting. While showing the genitalia or private parts is okay as long as the image is just a study of anatomy or a tasteful painting. But we do not allow images with pornographic content or depictions of sexual activities. Such images will be evaluated by the moderators and will be hidden or removed at their discretion.

Please let me know if you find any error in this or if you want to amend or make some changes in this text.


Good. I did notice the posting that likely triggered it and feel the same as stated above.