Small zoom out gives high/max zoom in (rare glitch)

There’s a strange ‘glitch’ that I have when zooming out using the mouse wheel or with the stylus using Ctrl+Space.
One rotation click of the mouse wheel or the first movement of the stylus will give me a canvas full of pixel grid as it suddenly goes to a very high or maximum zoom.
Then I have to keep mouse scrolling or stylus dragging to zoom it out to where I want it.

This happens very rarely and randomly and I can’t associate it with any particular previous actions that I’ve done.
It’s been happening for a long time and isn’t related to use of any particular version.
I usually use Linux and I can’t remember if it’s happened with Windows. It’s so rare that it would be difficult to do comparision tests of any kind.

Has this ever happened to anyone else?

I have never noticed anything like this, neither with the current release versions nor with the nightlies, I use Krita mainly in Windows (only portable versions) but also have it in Linux SUSE Tumbleweed (the release versions installed via the package manager and the nightlies are AppImages).