Smiles fade away

A porpoise’s last tumbling before leaving her home-ocean where contaminated by trash.

Got an inspiration from the dolphins illustrated in <The Hitchhiker’s Guide to the Galaxy>.

Hi, I’m glad to upload my first post and meet you Krita artists here.
I hope I can improve my drawing skills with seeing around these nice paintings you share. Thank you.
잘 부탁드립니다.

You can see more pieces of this artwork and of others’ at my Artstation page. Link’s below.




Great work! And welcome to the forum! :grin:

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Welcome! That is an awesome illustration, I like the style.

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Thanks all !

Dang, I really like the idea. It’s like if the air would get so polluted that birds would need planes to fly


I really like the use of color here. It is very beautiful :slight_smile:


Great idea and style! I love it.

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beautiful work, not such a beautiful world


And yeah, although I also can’t say I’m very eco-protecting person but whoever on earth could know these are going wrong seriously. Glaciers are melting and Forest are burning, Ocean is being polluted even by radioactive waste. Some scientists say we’re already break the limit a while ago that we can bring things back. I just hope it’s not.

I love your work! :smiley: …but the message is very sad :worried:

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