Social media and artists discussion

To start with the discussion:

I see a lot of people planning to/abandoning twitter at the moment, I sorta realized that a lot of artist seemed to be scatter in terms of social media wise, some use Instagram, Art-station, DA, tiktok etc.

though twitter might not be great site at moment, it feel like it was one website that was more interconnected for artists in a way. (I might be wrong it could be some other website)

I’m sorry for rambles/topic not well put together.


Yeah, people are moving to Mastodon. It’s safer from Elon Musk, as people say.

Mastodon is the Twitter for artists.


Mastodon I’m gonna to go check it out. For some reason I assumed Mastodon was a name of a shark

That actually looks really good!

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Been checking it out there so many servers, feels bit overwhelming at first

I joined and I really like it. Lots of artists of all kinds. It has server issues every now and then, I guess because so many people are joining right now.


Yeah everyone is basically jumping ship over to mastodon or tumblr, what a crazy year for artists.

I joined there a while back but really haven’t spent much time there.
Just now posted my latest bird painting.



that awesome bird painting. When I get the chance I’ll sign up tp sever

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As with any change keep an open mind. Use what you are comfortable with. Do not know expect 1-1 clone of previous thing you are using. Take your time to learn it.

Mastodon is often run by volunteers and community so do not expect corporate kind of support

Having said that is a good server

If you need instagram type account then pixelfed is a good one. Again there are multiple servers. And all these things can be followed by users in one another. it is like being on instagram but following/subscribing your favourite youtube channel right from instagram itself.


Im seriously considering switching atleast for my art related account. maybe back to tumblr or move to mastodon.
My other hobby would be hard to move, kpop has solid twitter community [and scarily so XD i mean you know how some parts of that moves lol] and as a more active participant and it being a way I share my art, [fanarts, merchs, meetups] I feel that it would be harder for that to move and rebuild again. :smiling_face_with_tear: I still have photobook i want to order.

I can navigate mastodon, though the most criticism i get from other I try to recommend it is that its a bit complicated for your average socmed user. which my friends on my other hobby would fall trough.
Your average socmed user are pretty much use to sign up and everything’s ready to go. XD the savvier ones would get the server setup if they are used to discord.

Mastodon doesn’t need to be a copy of twitter. Just need to make the initial setup/ getting into the platform as simple as possible.

oth i just … i guess the twitter acquisition had just made me realize how even if its not truly in a public traded company best interest to be acquired they are kinda forced to. because they are getting offer for a price that now everyone acknowledge is way beyond their actual price they just have to .


It will be a nice change of pace though your right, I’ll keep an open mind to the change/and I’ll take my time to learn/get comfortable with mastodon. Thank you for your advice. :slightly_smiling_face:

adding this to notes so I can check out this out later :spiral_notepad:

Already a tumblr account for good long while, it more fanart/ fandom base stuff if anything then having a normally following. You’ll have better luck I believe finding kpop related stuff on tumblr. Though it is a lot easier to disappear off face of the earth with tumblr.

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Isnt it funny, years ago I was in tumblr and its a pretty vibrant community. Then suddenly everyone is leaving and jumping ship to twitter, now they are jumping back in to tumblr.

If I go back atleast i can use my customize theme - if they still do that.

kinda sad though twitter has its flaws, but I find it more interactive than insta - if you carefully choose a follow you can avoid most of the drama that happens there.


Wasn’t it because of extreme ban of porn?(I might be misremembering it)
Although for some reason tumblr never seemed to get rid of the porn bots.

Twitter wise this year seemed to be too exciting on the artist side; it is honestly tiring. :frowning_face:

they still do customize theme.

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I actively use mastodon since a year and already surpassed my six year old twitter account’s 170 followers. And proactive Admins on smaller servers in combination with a content warning system makes it feel much safer than twitter.


impressive, no wonder everyone jumping ship. :open_mouth:
sounds awesome

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I think its the right time to jump ship.

that’s good to hear.

I can’t remember much, since I was in a pretty sfw part of tumblr [though i do remember those conversation where even some sfw artwork are getting hit]

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I wouldn’t delate twitter just yet, only reason why I still keep my up cause there still stuff I bookmark that were helpful art tips and there are still few artists that have yet to jump ship too.

I was in the sfw part of tumblr too at the time too, and yeah I kind of remember(though not much)that few artworks got hit at the time. I think it was too easy at the time for someone whose spiteful to flag your sfw art as nsfw and get them ban. It was basically to troll artist but instead it was hurt/bully a lot of artist off platform.

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Since hashtags still have their intended purpose on mastodon and there’s no algorithm to (de)boost content its apparently easier to get discovered as long as you’re active. Additionaly, mastodon has the local timeline which includes all posts from people on your server, imagine it as the whole server automatically following each other, this makes folow numbers a bit less important even, at least I worry less about them there.

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All mastodon servers are currently suffering :upside_down_face: