Continuation of the project “Study”. He drew such a strong, kind, naive soldier Ivan, not clothed by the soul.
3d blocking - Blender. Overpaint and photobashing - Krita. Polish - After Effect.

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Поработай над носом. Сделай его более чётким.

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Хм, а ведь и правда. :slight_smile: Попробую проработать. Спс!
Ну и для англоговорящей публики:
On the advice of archibald, I’ll work on the character’s nose

From my point of view, the first version was more natural.
In the second version, brushstrokes on nose are too much visible and not accorded with global painting style.

Rather than modifying paint, maybe playing with color filter could be a better option (non destructive for soldier’s skin and nostrils)
Example, I’ve just enhanced levels around nose to sightly enhance nose volume without modifying style…

A second point, the eyes: color are more natural on 1st version, blue is ‘electric’ (over saturated) on 2nd version…

Third point: on second version, modifications you’ve made above & around eye gives a more ‘not smooth’ skin for a soldier :+1:

This is just a point of view :wink:


Oh, great review! Thank you very much! Initially, I focused on photos from the second world war - everything there is so soft, generalized. But now I will try to add reflexes and details. I may be able to pull the portrait to a new level for me (I have never been able to draw Portraits, I have drawn some features, but the portrait as a whole is a nightmare). I will work with the drawing further, you will see the process :slight_smile: