Solid Fill Pen - possible somehow?

Hello there,

i am using Krite now for quite a while and i’m pretty happy.
But i am missing a thing, that i quite like right now in digital illustration:

A “solid fill pen”. In prinviple that is something similar to the lasso selection tool, with the difference, that the area you are “selecting” is not selected, but imediately filled while you are drawing. I know this kind of pen from using “infinite painter” on my android device, and i am extremely in love with it.

I can achieve the same result by using the lasso tool and then filling the area, but the lack of instant visual feedback and the need for pressing a shortcut afterwards is altering the drawing experience deeply.

Now i have the following questions:

  1. Is there maybe already something like this, that i just can’t find?
  2. Would it be possible to create such a thing somehow for myself by eather writing a plugin or anything like that? I would be really happy about any suggestions.

That is really the only feature so far that i am truly missing and i would be happy to do some work to get that thing going.

Thanks a lot in advance for any suggestions.

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It’s a separate brush engine - shape engine. It has the icon of a green alchemy bootle. You should be able to find it typing “shape” in the search bar on the bottom of docker with presets.


it’s already there, you’re talking about the “alchemy” default brush.


thanks a lot, that was fast and its exactly what im searching for. :slight_smile:

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and thanks to you too