some advice for clothing wrinkle shading ( for 3d models textures )

I was drawing and coloring an image to use for a 3D model’s texture clothing. I finished it but it looks a bit weak. I tried searching for some tutorials for clothing shading and wrinkle shading. but most;( ̶a̶l̶l̶) of them are 2d art; ( which I cannot do ).
does anybody have any tips and or a tutorial on how to do this sorta stuff?

  • I have already established the " light source "

*I already got the color spectrum and or the colors I wanna use
is there anything else?

( what I am asking… may somebody give advice on how to give that clothing shading wrinkle to my 3d model )

I’ve always liked this tutorial for some principles of clothing folds:

[Tutorial: How to Draw fClothes]

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the 2nd link does not work, thanks for the tips and site ill look over it thanks

I fixed it. For some reason it got duplicated.

Well you gotta sculpt it do a retopo and you have to bake the normals and project the paint into the new surface.

If you want to make it plain on texture, well playing with luminosity to pull the texture to do a face bend like playing with a fake Fresnel.

In 3d you should not bake light into the texture by default. Usually that is a trick for old game engines optimisations.

I do like your reply ( this would work if I was competent ).
but it was asking for tips on drawing itself ( or the models texture ). i wanted to make that detailed and have the texture look like the model is detailed ( kind of like an optical illusion )

( i would like to draw the details in krita, without having to do the modeling )

Could you post an image of where you have gotten to so far, it would be easier to give suggestions?

I like Moderndayjames’ videos on clothing:

Those don’t go so much into shading, but the basic structures of cloth, which is pretty essential to understand.

sorry for taking so long (urgent family thing) see this image is a texture to a flat model. there is no extra vertex movement In the model it’s on ( no bumps or anything…) I would like to see if I could maybe try to use some tips on how to add some of these wrinkle shade colorings to make the textures actually look pseudo-realistic and like clothes and such not just cell-shaded one colored shirts.
I won’t want my model’s textures to stay flat colors forever.
I sincerely apologize for the longevity of my absence.