Some changes to categories on the forum

There was a request to have a dedicated category for mobile and tablet platform development. So I have made a new sub category in the #develop category. All the mobile and hand held portable device development discussion can be taken in the #develop:mobile-tablets-platform category.

I have also migrated all the post from #support:beginners-questions category to #support:general-questions since people often don’t know if it is a beginner question or general question. So it is better to have one category rather than spread the topics into two.

I also intend to make additional changes to the categories, I will share if I do any more changes here in this topic.

Please let me know your suggestions or thoughts. If you want any more category or subcategory etc. all suggestions are welcome.


In the Resources category, there are sub-categories for Tutorials, Brushes and Bundles, Plugins.
I’m making some resources at the moment which are not in any of those categories. They’re some animation sequences in .kra files that will be of general use.
I intend to make a topic in the Tutorial sub-category and give a simple explanation of how to use them (but it won’t really be a proper tutorial).
Maybe have an ‘Other’ sub-category in Resources?

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I hope things remain stable.

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