Some details of the forum population

I’m posting this as a matter of information for anyone who’s wondering about it.

Now that I have access to the admin panel, there are some numbers that I’ve noticed regarding the different levels of population on the forum:

Trust Level 0 - New User: 14,600

Trust Level 1 - Basic: 3,000 (1 moderator)

Trust Level 2 - Member: 513 (2 moderators)

Level 1 and Level 2 moderators are people who are closely involved with development but don’t spend enough time on this forum to be a higher level.

Trust Level 3 - Regular: 30 (4 moderators)

Trust Level 4 - Leader: 3 (3 moderators)

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Hi @AhabGreybeard

Thanks for these interesting statistics :hugs:

In fact except level 0, it was already available in badge section :wink:

Number are not exactly the same :thinking:


Some are not moderators but admins. Admins have more access and powers in terms of site administration -

In terms of site administration, me and @coding_coffee handle the server and other things. @scottyp has admin access because in case me and Ameya are not available in future on KA then somebody from krita team can takeover the website. @scottyp handles the main website. I need to check if scott has ssh access to main server too. If not I should grant it. Other admins are for extra level of fail safe to keep the forum in Krita developers hand in case we dissappear :slight_smile:

You can check this on the about section of the site - About - Krita Artists

I understand Moderators are from a group:

But admins are not all level 4?

Is your list is up to date ? :sweat_smile:


No admins need not be on level 4. for example @coding_coffee is not at level 4, we are in the admin because we are the owners of the website. We too start with lower level and gradually move up simultaneously having the admin priviledge. Only one of us had level 4 at the start. I was the first non system user on this forum my user id is 1 and @coding_coffee was second user with admin rights our email addresses are in the website settings on the back-end so we are considered as owners.


Don’t disappear please…


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