Some questions about Android tablets and gestures

Some questions about Android tablets and gestures.

I haven’t used an Android tablet for painting yet, but have received some feedback from local Android tablet users.

  1. It is impossible to know which gestures correspond to what.

    Krita itself shows gestures, not how to do it with a few fingers.

  2. Some tablet pens do not have buttons (such as HUAWEI M-Pencil), how to trigger “Pop-up Palette”, etc.?

  3. Why can’t I assign shortcuts to different gestures?
    (Now you can only choose whether to enable shortcut gestures.)

Assigning shortcuts to different gestures can be more flexible, and some people don’t want a gesture to only be used for a certain shortcut.

  1. There is no button panel that can be customized to map keyboard shortcuts.

If there was a button panel (lots of buttons) that could custom map keyboard shortcuts that would help with keyboardless work (without heavily modifying the existing interface).

Added, there is confusion about enabling touch painting by default.
They thought krita couldn’t block touch painting.
(I know it can be turned off, but it does cause confusion when touch painting is turned on by default.)

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