Somewhere peaceful

An experiment with some random brushes from various bundle.


That’s absolutely gorgeous! I’d like to live there… :heart_eyes:

I can only repeat myself: your brushwork is in a league of its own imho. You seem to get the most out of any brush you’re touching, exploiting their strengths. I really love that style. This should be featured!

(not even talking about great composition, perfect colours, values etc.)

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Thanks !
Your appreciation means a lot to me ! Specially when you say you feel like living there,that gives me a sense of satisfaction !
Art is my profession, but I was never trained.
Whatever I learnt,by myself and tutorials only !
So probably I will always have some serious and repeatitive flaws in my art which I can never change,but it also helps me to gain a way of seeing things from different perspective.
For me art is just like life,full of happy and unhappy accidents.
Krita helps me to achieve those small happy accidents in more organic way.
So if I am somewhat successful in achieving any interesting results,Krita should get it’s due credit too :slight_smile: !!

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I would like to see something you have done outside. Did you just make this up? Great job.

Thank you very much.
Yes,this composition statred to take form while I was playing with shapes .
By the way, by mentioning “done outside” are you suggesting the works I make for a living :slight_smile: ?

I meant ‘Plein Air’ painting, meaning you paint a scene while you are at a location. Like this guy, James Gurney. I admire your stoke bravery.

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Okay,got it .
No,I don’t get much extra time to try this kind of “on spot” experiments,traditionally or digitally.
My main passion and professional field of work revolves mostly around creating comics.
Which can be very time consuming ,reference following and detail demanding process.
So when I take some “time out” and move to krita for painting experiments,I try to forget about following any real example.
I only try to express whatever happening inside my mind at that momment.
That’s how I relax myself and then again go back to the “painful,but very sweet” world of comics :smile: !

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Looks nice. You made every brush stroke count.

Not everything was planned.
Some are just happy accidents and then I adjusted :slight_smile: !