Sound doesn't work well

Type of device: waccom tablet
Brand and version of the device: I am not sure sorry…
System : windows 8

Description of the issue :
so I try to make a big animation with a song that I want to use for lyrics.
the thing is… the sound works when I click the play button but moving the cursor on the time line I don’t hear a thing. even! the sound glitch a lot!

If you know how to fix it I will be soo happy!!

thank you.


Hello and welcome to the forum :slight_smile:

The problems with sound glitching and sometimes synchronisation on playback are well known and there are formal bug reports about this.

Some people report that a .wav file gives better results that a .mp3 file in this situation.

I use wav files, but it’s still glitching…

I do realise that the sounds starts after the 3 frame and not a 0 like how I wanted it to be.

so I don’t know if this can help you more to understand?

The problems with sound synching and glitching during manual scrubbing on the timeline are well known and formally noted by the developers.
Krita is not audio-workstation class software. The best you can expect is that the sound is properly synchronised in the final .mp4 output file (which is done my ffmpeg).

so I need to guess when my character is going to speak and move?

A well informed and educated guess is what you will have to use.

okay… Thank you.

Are developers planning on improving this? or possibly adding visible sound-waves as a feature/plugin available to download maybe? Obviously it’s understandable that krita doesn’t have top-notch sound features as it’s a free drawing software, but if there is any updates on this please let me know :slight_smile:

The various problems with audio playback and synchronisation are well known and have been formally reported many times.
I’m sure the developers will deal with it when they can but they are very, very busy.

The manual has this to say:

I personally doubt that an audio waveform display will be added at any time in the near future (but I’d be happy to be proved wrong).

For updates on any situation, you can read this forum where new releases and additional features are the subject of a topic and also the main website where new release features are presented. e.g:

Edit:Add You’ve put your idea/request for an audio waveform in three topics now and that’s not a good idea.