Sound I like to listen to (while painting)

For some reason I am stuck with 21 Pilots. I spent an hour looking for an image I did of tool art but nowhere to be found. Loved that guy Cam de Leon until the law suits started with the band.

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I don’t know the 21 pilots but I’ll check them out. Music is my other great passion, but just listening. I love all kinds of music, from classic over electro to heavy metal and onwards. Mainly less commercial stuff and favourably things with guitar drumms and the like. I am also quite into older stuff such as the Grateful Dead or Led Zeppelin.

I always said, in my next life I would like to become an artist, either a musician or a painter. I was always fascinated by that thought (and know very luckily it turned, that I can paint a already in this life, at least a tiny little bit. But that is already enough and gives me so much joy).

Sad that your tool painting disappeared, I would have been very keen seeing it.
Lawsuits? Tool? I didn’t know that there was a lawsuit against them. Have to check that out.

I saw the Grateful Dead, I got osmosified fried. I also love every kind of music except pop country. My favorite though is when I’m drawing and have my head phones on for an hour or so and realize I forgot to put on music.
I painted cars in Forza Motorsport and specialized in heavy metal type bands. It is kind of crazy because of the nature of the games I would get favorited by 30 thousand people for my designs. No Tool or NIN here, which I did, but here are a couple of cars.


Wow, that’s pretty cool. So I assume you are painting on a professional basis, not just for fun. That’s very impressive.
They carpaintings you did are all great. I very much like the painting on the car roof. I imagine that this one must have been very difficult.

Sorry, my English is not as good.

What does that mean? couldn’t find the term in the net.

Contact high! I am far from a professional. I painted these cars after years of not painting and then quit when my controller died and then it has been a bunch of years until I retired and had time to paint again. The cars are painted with a Xbox controller using an in game paint program like a cut down MS Paint program. I figured if I could paint these with that tool I could surely learn something like Krita.

I forgot my second favorite music now has been Mark Knoppler.

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Ahhh I see, they blew your mind haha. That would had happen to me as well.

Yeah, Knopfler is a living legend as well. There are so many fabulous musicians and I am always happy to hear to something new. Recently I was listening a lot to Thunderpussy’s Fever and Torpedo Love. I love these slightly euphoric and voluminous voices like hers or Elvises or Jim Morrisons. In terms of singing I think the best and skillful voice I ever heard was Amanda Marshall’s when she was young. It was back then when she hat some success with her song “I belive in you”. That live performance was absolutely outstanding. It sounded live even better than on the record. And she was an absolute cute and beautiful woman with an very appealing appearance.

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My taste about music depends of the illustration i am making. I am very eclectic. I change a lot so i can listen from Classical music to Trance progressive. But for me Modern Talking, Juan Gabriel, Camilo Sexto, Yani. are the most usual.
Tadaaaah! yes my mind is a bit crazy with music.