Special Unit Rats (2021)

I actually started this one with Clip Studio Paint - but quickly moved to Krita. I don’t understand how brushes work in CSP - editing is so difficult and counterintuitive. Basically, you’re forced to stick with the default brushes. It’s different story with Krita - i lerned how to create very speciffic brushes on the spot - by quick edition. And that’s huge +.


May the painting is showing just a part of the attack(I don’t know what the exact military word is, though. Breaching? Entry operation?) and the limited environment, but it makes me imagine the things which are over the sides of the canvas - the enemy beyond the wall, or the environment the special force team has come through. It would be more spectacular if the painting were a panoramic view.

Thanks for reply :slight_smile: - this piece is more like character concept art with context than full illustration.

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If there was a software that could really complement Krita what could it be? Maybe Rebelled 4? I guess it depends what your goal is. GIMP and Blender
Mypaint a little bit. Dieterle’s experimental brushes can be handy and its easy to export work across softwares.

As a complementary program I use Affinity Photo - mainly for some minor color and value tweaks in post-production.


Brush management is deprecated in CSP. Compared to Krita or Photoshop, it causes pain.
You can’t right click and select a particular brush from a floating menu. That’s a big bogus.
In all honesty, it’s also one of the reasons I prefer Krita. The ten brushes scripts, and the brush tags are so so helpful. Ontop of that, you can also open a docker to all brushes available, and a search feature is included. The next thing now would be to select multiples brushes from the brush docker, say, to reorder/delete them for instance.
Krita is great for digital painting. Seriously.

I’d say it falls in the illustration range as well.
Concept art but mostly illustration, because you rendered the whole thing.
Concept art mostly focus on quick and clear ideas; there are mostly refined sketches and a lot of design suggestions/variants, with callouts and support sketches, model sheets… You get the idea.

It’s cool how the pink light from the right instantly creates a certain feel for where this is set - kind of seedy, run-down apartment complex, maybe a bar sign outside.

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well its the opposite for me , going back from fully customized toolshelf in csp to simple brush selection is kinda hard and untidy

Me, I loved the flower pot. (Obviously the image is amazing but that was one of the details I really liked)

I was also experiencing the same thing. I got Clip Studio Paint from purchasing Wacom tablet and try to learn the program because I think It’s a waste if I don’t use it since It is not a free program. What I don’t like is the brushes. They’re hard to modify and the outcomes are bad. What I like from it and I wish Krita have is the Reference option. I think it’s a powerful function that could make illustrating a lot easier.

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