'Spectacular, spectacular!'

Hello, Krita artists. How are you doing?
It was quite sunny and warm outside today where I live, guess Winter has gone a few steps away.

But I didn’t hang around much today and just has sticked to my desk to practicing painting.
And here’s the piece that I worked:

And this video is the time-lapse of the work:
(About 5 mins; I made the video speed up about 64 times)

I copied a scene from movie ‘Moulin Rouge (2001)’, for studying speed painting.

It was worth to try, though, but it seems I failed to bring it out. I drew this about 7 hours, that far much more than I planned to.
I could hang on this drawing to improve things, but guess that would be pointless if I want to focus on speed up my painting skill(better move to next study painting).

So I thought this is where your feedback can help me.

The next is the images of the painting process listed by an hour sequence. (Seven for total)
If you got or remind something to tell me for improving technic, after watching them, please don’t hesitate!

(I folded them for prevent too much long scroll of post. Click ‘Spectacular!’ to unfolded them:)


1 Hour: Sketched basic composition and shapes

2 Hours: Brief face expressions were added

3 Hours: Added more expressions on face and clothes

4 Hours: Basic expression and light were added. But also, brush has started to wander.
‘So lots of thing seems empty but what should I do from now on? Details? Background?’

5 Hours: Focused on face and hair. My hand already been very slow and dawdle.

6 Hours: Keep changing face and hair, clothes.

7 Hours - the last: Stopped wandering and just cleaned some messy things, finished the work.

By the way, the title of the post was from the first line of the scene:

Thank you for reading, and stay healthy!


Sitting up here in the snow with spotty internet so I can’t watch the video yet but will later. Even with the snow it is a beautiful warm day. That is very ambitious image with so many characters and very well done. I noticed that you have two layers so the question is is that also part of the speed painting process?

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I’m trying to paint under the condition that similar with traditional painters when I draw for study; painting on one layer - canvas.

Although it makes not easy to manage things, like adjusting background or transforming shapes(It’s one the great things in digital art and I love to use it normally, though), but I think their precision and speed, and technic of using brushes come from the study under the condition. (Truth be told, I almost jealous oil painters. I can’t even copy of their single touch!)

Thanks for the comment, I hope you’re enjoying the calm mood while massive connection of network is being far from you.