Spirit Of Autumn

This will be my first Krita only painting. I wanted to capture how Autumn makes me feel so I chose colours centered around golds and reds. I haven’t used any reference up to this point but here is where I need it. Especially for the hair. I want the hair to be in Autumn leaf red/gold and Autumn sunset orange and to have a somewhat fiery appearance but I want the mood to be gentle, happy and playful. Any suggestions as to how to decorate would be nice. I like a lot of detail in the right places. Critique obviously welcome. :slightly_smiling_face:


Great start @Erisian - the ideas is awesome, and i love the base colors!! I’m not sure what final look you are going for (is it more graphic or more painterly?), but i can make some suggestions if you are looking for more painterly style

  1. soften those edges (where hair meets face, where you have shadows on the face)
  2. open those eyes!
  3. control the light - the face and neck have fairly even lighting, choose where to put the lightest values (i chose around the eyes, making the chin and neck darker)
  4. colors bounce between surfaces, creating harmony (i put reds in the shadows and greens in her skin)

I realize you didn’t have reference to work from. In those cases, a little knowledge of facial anatomy can come in handy, especially when you are trying to apply light to the face (like under her nose should be catching a lot of light)

I did a paint over to illustrate (my brush work is a little sloppy, but it gets the point across)


Wow, thanks for that. I usually prefer more realistic but I liked the way this was turning out so I didn’t want to move away from that feeling. Having seen your paintover, I might change my mind. I was aware of reflected colours and was going to add some in. You’re right about reference - I really need something to study. Thank you so much for your advice @kynlo

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my pleasure - looking forward to see where you take it :slight_smile:

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Made a start with softening things and got down the main hair colours. Lots more work to be done on that later. I have darkened the neck and lower face a little. My wife was horrified at the thought of me opening the eyes more :laughing: What I will do is leave them until last and then do two versions for comparison. Before I do anything else with the hair and face, I want to put together some kind of design for the coat and something more to the composition.

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It seems to be turning out a lot more stylized than I expected so I’m rolling with it for now. I’ve done too much to mention while my wife was hogging the dongle! :laughing:

Her hair is on fire. :slight_smile:

Like the colours!

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I think I am going to call this finished. I don’t think I can improve it.
The full size version is here: https://krita-artists.org/t/spirit-of-autumn-finished/13419

License CC BY-NC-ND 4.0

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