Spooky Skeletons brush creation & showcase

idea: Create or tweak a new brush and write Spooky Skeletons with it in orange on purple background. you can also throw in some other colors. all must be done with only that brush.
feel free to describe the brush creation process you used. or even a link to the brush kpp file
my submission:

oops, maybe drawing the lettering in the brush’s intended use would better showcase it:
was able to make this with that brush and duplicating the layers and playing with blend modes.

brush i used is this: Pencil & Quick shade in the sketch pack.
I then added
the (OLD) Ahmed_Aldoori_Medders_Brushes_22 brush tip to it.
brush tip can be found here: Ahmed Aldoori Photoshop Brushes (gumroad.com)

this brush can be used to erase edges you want to look like fur. or create short grass

Maybe the new brush could be named :musical_note: Spooky, scary skeletons shimmering down your spine :musical_note:

wojtryb6 N 12 messy blobs Aaron
edit to brush:
using DA watercolor brush tip