Spring in Japan

Kiki & Leon having a moment in Japan with Mt Fuji in the background. Updated version


Hello and welcome to the forum :slight_smile:

That is a lovely painting in many ways.

Sadly, you’ve overlooked one of the contest rules which states:
“The artwork must contain the Huion and Krita logos as an integrated element, not just copied and pasted.”

How you take care of that is up to you and you can edit your post to replace the image with a new upload.

For that image, the sun is circular and so is the Krita logo. Mt Fuji has a jagged peak and so does the Huion logo. Just a thought :slight_smile:

There’s Krita’s logo on Kiki’s dress…

Rule is not very clear but I think it can be taken in account…
or not? :thinking:

Concerning Leon, the logo is on is head…
Same, don’t know if it can be considered or not as an inclusion of logo…


The logo on Kiki’s dress is obscured and not at all prominent.

Leon’s crown is his crown, not the Huion logo.

My opinion doesn’t matter, it will be the judge’s opinion that matters and they will compare contest entries with other contest entries.

Who would have thought that a ‘simple and fun’ art contest could get so complicated?

If you look closer, the crown is the Huion logo :wink:

But you’re right, jury will decide
But that’s not clear


Thank you for the feedback. I will rework the design and resubmit.

Oh yes :slight_smile: That’s a wonderful presentation of both logos.