Stabilizer settings saved to brush

I just realized right now, that when creating different brushes with different feels to them, altering the stabilizer settings could be part of the process. We think of the stabilizer as a global setting that we set and then forget, but there is potential in thinking of it as a property we can change to get different effects.

For example, a brush meant to create smooth dynamic lines can benefit from a higher stabilizer setting, while for creating an ink pen for the type of loose sketching where the little shakes and unevenness in line contribute to the feel I would want to keep the stabilizer much lower, or turn it off altogether.

So the idea is simple: Add a stabilizer property to brush presets. If the property is enabled, you can define custom stabilizer settings that override the global when you use this brush. If disabled, the global stabilizer settings apply.

And this shouldn’t be too hard to implement since the stabilizer functionality already exists, we just need to temporarily override its settings on demand.


Great suggestion! I would love seeing this in Krita too :grin:

I think its a great idea. When i change between brushes i often also need to change the stabilizer setting every time. This suggestion would be gold!

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I was about o create he same request.

having different brushes remember thee different stab settings would definitely help. Only the line art pens and fine brushes actually need a stabilizer while the huge eraser, airbrush and all of the paining brushes actually don’t.

If anyone who has the know-how to code this wants to try, I’m sure the devs would be open to the feature. Sadly I can’t do it.