Staring Contest [finished]

The winner gets to eat the loser!

If you are interested in this image’s journey - checkout out Staring contest WIP


Lovely work! Really love the brushwork, contrast and forms! :grin:

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This is gonna end badly if the dragon sneezes…


Do you had painted this using “only values” process, and colorized in the end? If yes, this is a good process?

I’ve tried using color blending mode, but I find it doesn’t work that well for me. I think that’s because i work out my colors during this transition from value only to colors - i like to experiment on the canvas.

i treat the gray image as a grisaille - much like a traditional painter would. Instead of doing color studies in little rectangles, i do them in a separate layer - if i don’t like the colors, i just clear the layer and start over.

But you dont have problems with the different values? There’s a way to treat them equally? For me this process always generate mudy colors in the end.

Not really any trouble. Colors have value - this is affected by the hue and the chroma/saturation. I don’t mix colors and grays, i put down colors over the grays and mix colors. To give you an example of what i mean - this is what my image look like when i start picking colors. Once i have an idea for these colors, i can start blending.

You can see that my strongest red has a value that’s lower than the gray around it - and so i would adjust to find a light red with similar saturation.

You may find this useful regarding the values:

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Very nice tutorial from Sycra

The girl just looks so real !

I’m glad it shows - i’ve done a lot of portraits :smiley:

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