Steam problem with panels and shortcuts

Hello, I have a free version of Krita, it works well.
I bought a steam version and have 2 issues:

  1. pen can’t out paper zone.
  2. shortcuts on a digital tablet don’t work =/
    (if I run from the steam folder (exe file) it works well, but i wanna run from steam =/)

:slight_smile: Hello @vladislav1133 and welcome to the forum!

Unfortunately, I don’t know anything about steam. But, if Krita is running by calling it via its EXE-file it is no issue of Krita and you should perhaps ask in a steam-forum or directly ask the steam support. Because they maintain their “mechanism” that makes software run via the steam-platform (or makes it not run, in your case), they should know what can be the reason.
I think the question to ask them has to be something like: “What in steam hinders Krita to work properly?”


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