Storyboard Feature: Plans and Mockups

I think we differ on whether toggling visibility alters the timeline. What I said was that the timeline would stay the same. We would change frames based on the frame number of the next story item.

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Ok, I think I understand. The Storyboard Docker would operate as a contained mini-timeline, without influencing the Timeline Docker?

I agree, I think your suggestion to constrain it to the Storyboard Docker is good. And this prevents the computing required to reorganise parts of the Timeline Docker unnecessarily in quick edits.

I hope I’ve understood what you meant now!


it would be great to have a storyboard feature in krita! I suggest to look at other softwares to get some inspiration, in the professional animation world the king of the hill is toonboom storyboard pro (which works in the toonboom Harmony animation pipeline), another software is storyplanner (useful in a toonz and opentoonz animation pipeline, but it is not opensource). There is also an opensource software called “storyboarder”. An important feature would be to create an animatic from the storyboard, also camera movements would be great to do. A connection to opentoonz would be awesome! about seconds and frames: it SHOULD ABSOLUTELY SHOW FRAMES! Every single frame is crucial in animation!


I must say I’m not too experienced when it comes to storyboarding software, so I haven’t used any of these programs :sweat_smile:.

But converting into an animatic would be awesome! And I agree with the frames sentiment, which is why it would be good to have the option between either :wink:.

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I’m in the animation industry since 1996, so feel free to contact me for any question. You could try for free the softwares I’ve mentioned above, there is a trial version, or maybe it would be enough to see some basic tutorials on youtube, so you could understand how they works. I don’t believe in krita as an animation software, there are better opensource options out there (opentoonz, which is used by Studio Ghibli and many others) but for storyboarding could be really a wonderful tool, combining its animation and drawing features, especially if it would export stuff to opentoonz (maybe you could take something from the opentoonz code?). Another important thing it’s the ability to insert e manage audio tracks.

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Thanks for the support!

Yes, there are ways Krita can improve its animation workflow, I personally use it for most projects I do :sweat_smile:. But for adding audio and SFX, I would export it into another program.

Definitely having a storyboard feature would be great, and I would think that better animation capabilities could be developed in future, if Krita gains a larger user base and publicity.

That would take time, as everything does…


We can export to video using the current features already. So if the frames are arranged in the right manner, this would be easy.

Camera movements are planned after this project. I have limited time but maybe we can do that after this project gets done. :slight_smile:

Do u think we should have both seconds and frames(as done in my mockup) or option between frame and seconds(as done in @fullerhill_art 's mockup) ??

1 Like is the standard, as in every editing software, it’s the “time code”. You should also can choose the frame rate of course.

So after nearly 3 weeks of work, I have got a basic standalone UI for storyboard. This is how the docker looks right now.


This is awesome! So much progress :smile:.

Is there the possibility to hide the scrollbars if kinetic scrolling is enabled? That might help to declutter the Docker a bit.

And having the units in the frames/ seconds box would be good, but I’m sure you’ve already thought of that :slight_smile: .

Keep it up!

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Hi, After 2 months of work, I think we have enough set of features implemented to get the storyboard docker tested. If you have a Linux machine you can help me out by testing this feature.

If you have any feedback or suggestions or ideas please do tell us. If you encounter any bugs, unwanted behaviour or any crashes tell us at the phabricator task.

If you want to see this week’s blog regarding this feature see here.


This is great! I’m a professional SB artist so as soon as I get a break I’ll check this out and give feedback asap, thanks for doing this!


Here is a windows build of @confifu’s work, if someone is using windows and want to tryout the new storyboard docker, give this a shot.

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This is so cool and works well! The only problem i saw was when you change the seconds or frames for duration, it would snap the scroll bar on the Storyboard docker back to scene 1, even if i was changing the duration of any other scene. Other than that, it worked fine when I used it. (I’ll probably test it a bit more soon).
Question, though: Is there/could there be anyway to export the comments with the video for professional use (like, sending the panels in to an actual TV studio)?

Also, just a suggestion, but; I think it would be cool to have storyboarding grid features, like a ‘Rule of Thirds’ grid and a ‘TV Safe areas’ grid.

Thank you for your awesome work! Keep it up! :smiley:

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You can make a template file with the grids on separate layers and use that template. May be we can add a default storyboard template like the animation template we have

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Oh yeah, now there’s an Idea! Thank you!

Thanks for trying it out :slight_smile: . You can export it without the comments using animation export features that are currently there. Exporting with comments could be implemented and it sounds like a useful export option. But that would be possible only after I get the planned parts completed. I’ll add it to the ideas list.:smiley: I’ll look into the snapping scroll bar asap.

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Your welcome! Thanks for making it!

very cool, will you create a short video showcasing the storyboard workflow?

very cool and useful stuff, saurabh! The feature and functionality looks great!

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