Streamer reporting in!

Been streaming in Twitch about 6 months now as affiliate 8 as semi regularly. Been doing 2 nights of art and 2 nights of gaming, and art seems VERY popular. Been thinking about going art streams only. Been using Krita for the art, and everyone keeps asking about the software and I think I have made few converts so far. So thought you might want to keep an eye on me? I can drop my Twitch link if someone wants to come chill with me? Or collab with me somehow, do duo stream? I don’t know.

Also for all your struggling artists. Streaming’s been great for just getting paid commissions too.


Sure drop the twitch link, it sounds interesting.

Alright! Thanks for showing interest. But here it is! I stream mostly Monday to Thursday (EU) days and evenings.
I’ve done little bit of animation, pixel art, pixel art animation, art challenge (random prompts) and just commission work so far. Working next on a Tarot project probably?