Streaming? Is it legally allowed?

Hello, i just want to start streaming.
But with all the rules, i want to go really, really sure,

am i allowed to stream the stuff, i want to draw with Krita?

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Yes. Here is what License section in Help > About Krita states:

What you create with Krita is your sole property. All your artwork is free for you to use as you like.

That means that Krita can be used commercially, for any purpose. There are no restrictions whatsoever.

Krita’s GNU GPL license guarantees you this freedom. Nobody is ever permitted to take it away, in contrast to trial or educational versions of commercial software that will forbid your work in commercial situations.

So you can stream sell your artwork etc. The only thing that you can’t do is use Krita logo for your business without permission, as it is trademark of the foundation. For streams etc I think using logo comes under fair use but we can ask @halla for it.

Yes, the only thing you cannot do with the name “krita”, the icon and other artwork is put Krita on eBay and sell Krita. Streaming is fine.