Stretched texture?

I’m still new to brush editing in Krita but what I wanted to know is if there’s a place in the editor to stretch the texture so that it gives a breaking paint effect (great for painting rocks and cliffs and tree textures.)

See example below… (This is from Infinite Painter)

Can Krita do this?
@Deevad , @RamonM

Hi @CrazyCatBird , no it doesn’t exist. The Pattern panel of the brush editor (and ‘Option’ tab) contains the only methods right now available to setup patterns (in short: cut off, offset, contrast/brightness, blending mode and size).

Thank you @Deevad
Would do any good to put in a feature request?

I talked with @dkazakov about this, time ago. I recorded also a video to explain better the feature but now i can’t find it (maybe he keeps the video :joy:) For me is a very good feature to be requested to improve some texturing things. Maybe some day :wink: . Personally for texturing rocks, i prefer the Stamp Technique qith textured brushes , And now you can add to the top bar the pattern scale widget so, you can change really fast the texture scale

About use textures for trees, you can use this texture, is fantastic.


Thanks @RamonM I’ll try that.

Meantime, I’m thinking of how I can properly word a feature request for it.

(Showing an example):
The following textures had been done with another drawing app using just such a brush. Making these effects goes much more quickly. This type of brush is also good with smudging as well.


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I made a request here:

Stretched Texture Request

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