struggling with krita's configure settings on mobile

I’m trying to save the configure settings on my two in one Chromebook but the configure tab won’t let me. I tried to find the save on the configure tab and it’s not there. Can someone help? I’m trying it out on my mobile so I can see if I should use it on my computer. Thank you!

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Krita on a Chromebook is still a beta release and is also subject to the limitations of a Chromebook and ChromeOS. I’m fairly sure that you can’t save the configuration settings.
On a PC, it’s a simple matter of making backup copies of the configuration files, and the resources folder.

It’s a free and easy process to install and use it on your computer so why not just install it and try it?

The problem is that I don’t fully own the computer. I share it with my mom and she won’t let me download things unless I can prove it works properly and won’t give the computer viruses. Sorry I probably should have worded the first one correctly, I wasn’t thinking.

I can understand why she feels that way and caution is a good thing.

Krita has been a well known, recognised and respected application for many years now and has been downloaded millions of time all over the world.
You could do a Google search (or Bing or whatever) for ‘Krita Review’ and show your mom all the good reviews it gets?
Also this: Krita - Wikipedia

Then you could show her how to use krita and she may even join the forum.

My mom is just like that too :expressionless: I understand your pain.

Krita is a safe application to have. I worked at staples and they do computer formating and clean ups and for a extra fee they would install commonly used programs and I think Krita was on their list just like Blender. I think that says something. I forget the name but they use a site that makes a installer pack with the programs you want on that list. If I find that site I will post it.


Some people get Krita in the Windows Store just for that extra feel of safety, since Microsoft checks the installers before publishing them.

Honestly a windows machine to get a virus is a thing of the past. Unless it is a world wide phenomenon that no one can avoid and appears on the news too odds are windows defender will handle it for you and you will not even notice it besides the fact you get a pop up message saying it has been cleaning more often to check after the first detection.

Unless you get a really good anti vírus like kasperski you don’t even need to install a anti vírus on your system and I don’t recommend you do it. Windows 10 includes its own anti vírus called windows dwfender.

Other anti viruses will only bog you down constantly because it works wrong. Defender is better because it takes samples out of all windows machines by default and because of it updates faster. Not to mention it does not need to justify it’s existence to you. It just works. I haven’t used extra anti vírus software on windows over 5 or 7 years. and I install all kinds of dodgy stuff. Still no virus…

Kinda annoys me when people take a piss on windows because of the virus ordeal. Honestly it shows they haven used used windows any time soon to be able to talk shit about it.

In my company, Windows Defender is deactivated for security reason.
And they use a third party anti-virus instead.
More than 10000servers are concerned, and around 200000 users too…

I think if IT Security Department made this choice, there’s a reason… :sweat_smile:
After for a personal computer usage, I don’t know and don’t really care about it as I’m not concerned.

I use it at office every day since 25years now… and started from Windows 3.1 when I was at school.
My professional laptop is working on Windows and also have to manage 30-40servers running on windows too.
I admit my though probably biased but I think I know a little bit what I’m talking about when I’m talking about my own experience with windows :slight_smile:

And believe me, since I replaced Windows with Ubuntu and my mother computer, she didn’t call me every week because it’s not working :joy:

I think Apple and Google does the same on their store, and it doesn’t stop malware begin available.
That’s just a feeling of security I think because there’s too much application to scan…

And concerning windows defender, the fact that you just have to pay to be in whitelist is not a pledge of security…

I’m lost…
The computer is a PC shared with you mother and she don’t let you install anything on it, and the chromebook is another computer on which you have installed Krita?


I doubt he has the same case with running entire servers though and forced to run perfect on multiple computers. And I imagine the security risk may be related to it connecting outside of the controlled environment with no control over it.

For a single user as I am myself I don’t see a issue. I started doing this after the recommendation of a friend of mine that is a university teacher now and does computer research over circuit optimizations alongside everyone else that was in the same class as him when he was taking his masters degree. And after testing it out for a couple of years now I can vow it myself that it works too. I did not wake up one day and decided to stop using an anti vírus… But regardless my suggestion comes from my experience as a user and I can only speak for that and you can take it or leave it it won’t change my computer is still clean and working. The fact you know more than me I am sure honestly I am just a average user that follows some tuts to solve some issues now and then.

I am still doubtful over giving a older person with little experience on a computer a linux machine. Linux is much harder to use in all regards. The only thing decent is the application updater because everything is free but the rest is pretty bad in terms of usability and management.

And yes I have been using Linux now to fix pigmento to speak from some experience too and honestly I almost stopped using my laptop because how much slower it makes my quite expensive laptop… And before the distro talk of my distro is better than yours which i find stupid btw! i tried all the popular ones from Ubuntu, mint, kde neon and 5 other more that I don’t recall the names but we’re the most popular / best of 2020. I did not expect to hate it because I love blender and krita so much. But If it was not for the krita MR forced conversion because of dependencies and the stupid git command i would not be using it.

From my experience working in different departments of IT for over ten years the reasons are mostly:

  • There are still old machines on old OSs that don’t support Defender (to be honest Defender really just became good recently when windows 10 arrived) or network of non homogenous machines.
  • Security policies need to be managed centralized which can not be done easily with the old software.
  • A lot of money is involved i.e a contract with a security provider and someone had to get fired if it turns out they basically burned money for no reason.
  • “We do it like this because we have always done it like this” mentality.
  • simply not knowing any better.

Of course there are also high-risk-high-security environments that sometimes just need special software but from my experience they also often don’t run windows.

This is getting off topic but I just wanted to mention that I have seen a lot of shit out there. Especially in recent years I encountered many so called experts that didn’t seem to know anything about what they are doing there seems to be a gap in knowledge that just gets bigger and bigger especially in small and medium sized businesses.

Oh and just as a side note I once had contact with a client running 4 different anti virus simultaneously on their machines because they thought the more the merrier :laughing:.

I once installed my mom Linux with KDE and she didn’t even notice until she wanted to install Word a year later or so.

This is a downside of many Linux, there are simply some hardware combination you don’t get it working on and sometimes even just poorly, especially on laptops. I had a similar experience and exchanged a laptop once because I just wasn’t able to get Linux ruinng on it and when I did it drained the battery in minutes. The switch between graphics cards with bumblebee and the like still gives me troubles.

Yes :sweat_smile:

Maybe @raghukamath can split the off-topic posts in a new thread in Lounge category?


no need too split it. I was just trying to explain that being frightful of viruses is not something as scary as it once was for a user.