Stylized portrait study

Hey everyone!!
This is my first portrait study i finished it awhile ago, i tried to get a stylized look while keeping some similarity to the original reference but that turned out to be harder than i thought :grimacing: But i’m happy with how it turned out.

THE reference photo below was taken by Julia Kuzmenko.

And as always feedback and critiques are welcome!


Amazing! :open_mouth:


Hyper realistic.

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those big eyes are kinda creepy.

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My inner weeb was screaming MAKE THEM BIGGER AND SHINIER :sweat_smile:

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Perhaps its my inner anime fan but I think they are still okay x3

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Exactly :laughing:

Absolutely beautiful, to my favs :smiling_face_with_three_hearts:

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Wow, damn stunning. Great style too, love it!

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Very well done - the tones are very well done! :clap: Some softer edges - especially on some of the facial features (like the bridge of the nose) - will do wonders for your pieces.

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Oh i see what you’re talking about there, you’re right i’ll try not to go too overboard with my hard edges in the future, Thank you!!

Very nice piece of art! Well done!
The look reminds me al littel bit of the style of James Cameron´s Alita: Battle Angel.
I Love your style very much and I hope we´ll texting in the near future.

Bless you and happy painting.

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Thank you!!!
I’m a big fan of Alita: battle angel and i’m really glad that you see that in the painting!!
i’ve been wanting to do a fan art for Alita for awhile now and your comment just gave me the last push i needed XD