Sub / tab windows (kind of a bug)

I like to work with sub windows. But when I close krita and open it again the window setting is neither. I has no title line on top.

So I have to go to settings -> windows -> change from sub to tabs, press ok.
Open settings again and do the same thing and change to tabs.

It’s not a major problem and i don’t know if this is something that is hard to fix or not.

Not sure what you expect to have. Note that when you’re in subwindows mode, there is a possibility to make one of them fullscreen. If you start by opening documents, each new document by default will be fullscreen, so you wont see title bars or other documents. At the top-right of your window, you should have three icons. The middle one will go out of fullscreen, so you should see them as a subwindows.
In Window > Tile you can also make your subwindows automatically full the entire space which also goes out of fullscreen.

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I haven’t noticed the tree icon up in right corner.
problem solved.

OK. good. thank you!

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Those took me some time to notice too. No problem :slight_smile:

I have got used to them popping the toolbars in and out from the right side.
But the ones up there in the top… hehe

Looking forward to starting up next time. :smile: