Suggest a topic for monthly articles contest.

I am planning to restart the monthly art contest from August. Please suggest a topic to begin it. Any entry with more likes will chosen or if there is no entry then I will choose a random topic.

Suggestions for contest rules and other things can also be made. For example each contest can have specific themes such as use only one brush or use only such and such colors etc. It can anything.

I know it is really late to ask but better late than nothing.


Your Favorite beaches! :grin:


Rainy Day/ Rainfall


Suggestions for rules (they can different each month):

  • one layer (or, for example, max 3 layers at all times - might be easier to manage, so people would be more eager to participate, but still a challenge)
  • a specific palette (can be a few to choose from, maybe?)
  • a specific style: for example pixel art


  • windmills/fans
  • rainforest
  • nature taking over post-human world (like a building that is no longer in use gets overgrown with nature)

Probably too late for the August contest, but what about for the September one, a rule that it has to be made in Krita 5 (beta)?

And the theme can be related to the new features, such as a short animation? and/or a timelapse? Make your own brush and paint with it?

So effectively, to get more testing on Krita 5 in real usage before general release.


well I did have an idea I have not acted on it yet though.

on pigmento there is a option that considering today’s date it suggests you a collection of 5 colors. so everyone in the world has the same set of colors on that day. so each date has different colors connected to it.

My idea was to make like a inktober event but with colors to be used for each day during that event.

you could give the colors to use for the date or people would have to draw on that date by force. but to know color of a day you need to change your clock and boot Krita after as it only chooses at loadup.

Interesting, but, not everyone can get Krita 5 beta. I’m on Android and Krita 5 is not available - yet.

Technically, no one can get their hands on Krita 5 beta… yet (only pre-alpha). Hence why it should be for September.

I am not sure if betas are published to the play store, but I do remember 4.4.3 beta APK being available at same time the desktop versions were, so those on Android can still side load it and participate.

The more testers the better.

Last time I tried to side load a Krita apk, it was unsigned so my tablet wouldn’t install it. I hope then that the dev won’t forget to sign the 5 beta apk.


I thought of an addition to a limited color palette-challenge.
The color palette would be determined through a gamut mask. Which is a widely unknown or underappreciated feature of Krita.
One could make it progressively more restrictiv by predetermening that any gamut mask could be used, a specific type of gamut mask has to be used or lastly a specific mask with an already chosen orientation has to be used.

I think that would be a cool challenge because many people would learn something new and maybe that could help some get a better grip on color.


Gamut Mask is a great idea, since it would introduce it for more people.

Maybe we could use this as inspiration for other things, too:

  • an artwork with 2 point perspective using the new assistant in 5.0
  • Multibrush/mandala - I would even try to make a “mandala” like my traditional ones in my region, which are not mandalas, of course, since I’m not from India, but they would use this Multibrush feature too (well, if I have time)
  • using only alchemy brush, or alternatively, using the Freehand Path Tool with the “Fill” enabled - that would lead to a distinct look of an artwork, too
  • some other ideas (maybe other less known Krita brush engines? or other features. Maybe with Clone Layers? Or just clone brush?)
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Another feature which can be really useful, but might be a bit tricky to get behind, are Gradient Maps.
The challenge would be to paint something only in monochrome and add the color later through selection and gradient maps.
(Marc Brunet on YT does this quite regularly.)

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