Suggest tags for the support category

I have restricted categories based on tag groups. You can see the tag groups here on the tag list page - here.

I have also made it mandatory to select at-least one tag from the support tag group when creating a new topic in the #support category and its subcategories. I have add few tags to the support tag group.

I would like to ask the members for other relevant and more common tags for this tag group. Based on the suggestions I will choose most common suggested tags and add it.

Instead of one group we make multiple groups and choose tag grops for individual subcategory too, for example #support:tablet-support can have tags relevant to that subcategory.

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For support I suggest: animation, brush presets, color issues

These are recurring issues

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We already have #animation for the artwork category, tag will be merged so we need something else. I have already made #ffmpeg

Hm there are a lot of animation topics in support that have nothing to do with ffmpeg and are more general about animation features and workflows.

Yes I agree about having an animation tag, but due to discourse limitation no two tags can be of same name. I would suggest having distinct tags for artwork and other categories since it will make it easy to browse without mixing artworks and support queries.

I made #resource-management and #colour-issues If there is better name then please suggest. We can change the names anytime

In lack of better ideas: animation issues?

Is there a way to add descriptions to tags like stack exchange has? Some people get time-lapse and speedpainting confused or think landscape and portrait means the canvas format.

There is an option to add description to tags. I do not know if it is shown when choosing a tag. And if people will bother to read it. We can try to add description and check how it works out.

It already helps when supporters have something to link too and point at. So even when it’s not visible when tagging it’s good to have, especially for ambiguous terms.

Perhaps Chrome OS and Android should be added, too.

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Done :+1:

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would be recordings or recording docker another useful tag? I just was in a situation when it would have made sense but I’m unsure how often there are topics about it.

Approximately, two to three question per month. Sometimes more, sometimes less.


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