Suggested new tag: "critique wanted"

I’d like to suggest a new tag “critique wanted” for the Artwork area. Not every artist wants critique for every artwork they post. This way we can know when critique is explicitly wanted and when not.


Seems fine to me, what about you, @raghukamath @tiar

I get the point, but I’m not sure if this is such a good idea. This seems a bit pointless for me to just publish your artworks for sake of promotion, without wanting to improve at all. It’s quite important to learn how to deal with critique, and it’s better to learn it with respectful community and constructive criticism. You should always be aware that posting an artwork, means people who may not like it and people with higher skills that try to help. I guess this teaches some good habits on self-reflection and reduces some spamming with law quality art.
So I’m actually against, but of course I understand your point of view, and I’ll accept whatever you decide.
Or at least make the tag “critique not wanted” keeping the right to critique default…

We can but what if people critique despite there is no tag in it. people always want to say something about the artwork. I am open to any suggestion :slight_smile:

So maybe the other way around? A critique not wanted tag? That’s what I’d prefer since I wouldn’t have to tag all my artworks.

Maybe it is just me but I always find it hard to know when it is appropriate to critique. Sometimes I see a work and read the description and I’m like: “Wow this is personal” and I’m not sure if I should mention the broken ankle since the artist seems (to me) is very connected to their artwork in a emotional way. But that’s probably a topic for another thread.


Yes this would be awesome. Not everyone wants criticism.

hmm,Can we wait for a few more days so that we see how people react :slight_smile: .

My personal opinion is that there should not be any tag like that since you are posting your artwork to get reactions from people and reactions include criticisms :slight_smile: . but if more people want this tag then i would be glad to create it immediately . may be after a week we can have a poll for it.

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Yes, I think waiting is a good idea and a poll too. Maybe it’s even too early for something like that, since there are just a hand full of people on the site at the moment. And the more I think about it, the more I believe a “critique not wanted” tag is a better idea.

Some people might want to post their artwork just to show what they’re doing, not necessarily wanting “helpful” comments!

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I agree, we can have the tag as “no Critiques” and people who don’t want comments and critiques would have to explicitly choose it.

As for the people who posted with out the tag by default , other people will make comments.
I hope this is okay.

I think that it should be this way:

  • by default, you can briefly comment both good and bad things (writing just bad is kind of rude though…).
  • if someone wants a critique, they can say so and then you can go in much more deeply (like there is this DeviantArt feature “Critique Needed” where you need to rate a bunch of stuff in different categories and you need to write a long comment).
  • if someone doesn’t want a critique because the image is personal, they can say so in the comment and then people shouldn’t write bad things at all.

I’m ok with “no-critique” tag, but if there was a “critique-wanted” tag, it should be for in-depth critiques, not just “hey, this arm looks a bit too long, but your composition is awesome, and the color of this jacket makes me think of Provençal lavender fields”.

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Okay so in addition to critique wanted we might need some more tags. I’ll make a separate topic where users can say what tag they need, most popular tags will be added to site.

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I thought we settled for a “critique not wanted” tag :wink:
A separate topic for tag discussion probably makes sense.

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