Suggestion: Drag and drop colors to fill the shape instead of the whole canvas

Hello. I’m testing out krita 5.0 and I just found the feature of ‘drag and drop’ colors from the palette onto the canvas to fill the current layer. However, would be nice if it could fill just a shape or delimited area instead, I’d definitely replace the conventional fill tool for ‘drag and drop’ while working. As a comic artist, intuitive tools and options can make the workflow so much faster.
If it is an interesting proposal, would be nice to have it maybe in the future updates. Thank you.

Great work you all are doing with krita.


Whaaaaaaaaaat I did not know the drag and drop feature of the Palette Docker :open_mouth: Krita keeps on suprising me with hidden gems haha - thank you for the info :grinning_face_with_smiling_eyes:

Now that I know this - I think this feature request sounds nice, it is a cool idea not having to switch to the fill tool, but how do you think the UI should be solved? A dropdown with settings on the palette docker or something? Maybe a button for it to use the current fill tool settings? Maybe the best solution would be to hold a modifier key to limit to a shape so the UI don’t get too messy?


If you drag and drop the swatch in between the layers it will create a new fill layer. You can also drag and drop the colour from the foreground back ground colour selector at the top toolbar.

About the feature to compliment the fill tool with this drag and drop, yes this would be good to have. This type of drag and drop functionality is present in procreate too.


mind blown :exploding_head:
Thank you!

Yes, I would like that, too.


Here is how drag and drop works on procreate -


Oh, never used procreate but I think this looks pretty cool. I love this idea!

Yes, a button for it to use the current fill tool seetings sounds like a good idea to me. Maybe we can enable and disable this functionality directly from configure krita and the seetings we can just use the fill tool seetings. Also, if it could make interactive buttons from color history in advanced color selector to drag and drop (picture nelow)

I don`t know if it is possible, but would be cool too.

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