Suggestion, more symmetries to the multibrush tool

The current MultiBrush tool is using radial symmetry. Mathematically this can be considered as a division of the plane. My suggestion is to extend the MultiBrush to other divisions of the plane, also known as tesselations. For examples of such symmetries see e.g. List of Euclidean uniform tilings - Wikipedia . The current multi brush idea is then extended so that that painting in one tile is replicated to all other tiles of the same shape (some tesselations need more than one tile to fill the plane) as well to the symmetric points in the same tile.

E.g. drawing in the corner of a hexagon will be replicated to all other corners of the hexagon, as well as to all other hexagons in the current layer.

In terms of the user interface there are two new options that would be needed to the MultiBrush tool:

  • Tiling type. With “radial symmetry” being the first option and it corresponds to the current tool.
  • Tile size. Not relevant for “radial symmetries” but for all other tesselations.

Sounds interesting ! I’ve read the Wikipedia page you linked and it’s quite the interesting article. However, as much as I’d like the idea to come true, I don’t know how useful it would be once it’s implemented on Krita. :thinking: I think the Warp Up feature could cover (at least most) of those without needing to implement more Multibrush options, I may be having trouble imagining how it’d turn out if said feature became a reality tho. XD So don’t take my word for it.
Here’s an example of what I did with the warp up tool. : )

Even though it is possible to achieve a similar effect with the warp tool, the same could be claimed for the multi brush tool in the first place. I thought of this idea last night when playing around with doodling with the multi brush tool, and what I liked about it is that everything “just appears” on the canvas, in all the rotated positions. If I understand the warp tool correctly, you would need to draw one (or several) tiles, and then do tidious copy and paste to copy your first tiles to all the tile positions.

But perhaps I did not understand the warp tool correctly. E.g. assume you would like to draw a pattern on a hexagon tiling, see Hexagonal tiling - Wikipedia . How would you currently achieve that with the warp tool?

With my suggestion you would just choose “Hexagon tiling” from the list of symmetries, choose its size, and start drawing.

Hi, yes you can achieve making tiles with the wrap around mode in krita

and the tile

That is possible only for rectangular symmetries, which is a small subset of all possible tilings. Try e.g. creating a Penrose tiling by your methon. :wink:

I searched the internet and I found a tool that is similar to what I described! See:

Here’s an example of what I drew with this tool after playing with it for five minutes:

Now imagine what you could achieve with these kind of symmetries together with Krita’s pens. :slight_smile:

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This is there in the fill layer. Although not seamless tiles, but you can add these type of pattern from fill layer. - Multigrid — Krita Manual 4.4.0 documentation

Nice. But it is still not what I’m talking about, since you can’t paint in those tiles and have the paint appear in all other tiles in the sense of a multi brush.

In any case I have downloaded the sources of krita and started playing around with implementing my idea. I hope to have an example of a hexagon symmetry (honey comb) pattern in the next few days.