Suggestions about advanced topics you would like to see in tutorials for Krita 5.0.

I was trying to learn more about how some artists that inspire do their work, and I was blown away with the way they maximize their creative output, by using their tool to their maximum extent.

There’s so many complex tasks you can do in Photoshop, for example, just using masks, selections, adjustments, that blew my mind. I was wondering, how many of these things I could feasibly “port” to Krita, or at least replicate to some degree.

So I ask you, Krita experts and advanced users, what workflow tricks and tools do you use regularly that supercharge your work and speed? This would be for intermediate and advanced users that already know the fundamentals of the program. I’m thinking of a few things:

  • Advanced transforms with selections;
  • “Clipping Masks”, using the alpha property of other layer, or using the alpha lock for ;
  • Advanced brush customization and properties;
  • Overlay, soft light, and other methods of combining two or more layers;
  • Potentially exploring the new resource management for Krita 5.0;
  • Greyscale to colour;

I’m not committing myself (yet) to making tutorials for Krita, but I think that it would be really cool to have a comprehensive suite of well-made, video tutorials for people trying out Krita’s 5.0 version.