Suggestions required for artwork tags on Krita-artists

Hello Krita-artists,

Here on the Krita-artists we have tag system for the artworks category. I would like to ask the community for suggestion to add new tags. We currently have these tags

#fantasy, #landscape, #comics, #portrait, #sketch, #animation
#nsfw, #inks, #still-life, #turntable

License tags -
#cc-by-sa, #cc-by, #cc-by-nc-sa, #cc-by-nd

In addition to above I would like to request you guys to suggest some new tags. One suggestion that came in was the need for “critique wanted” tag. Do you guys have any suggestions for any other tags?


cc-by-nc, cc-by-nc-nd and cc0 for license maybe?

Here’s a few off the top of my head.

#Sci-fi and/or #Science-Fiction, #Space, #Nature, #Character, #Abstract, #Cartoon, #Anime and/or #Manga

Thanks for the suggestion, I’ll add some of these soon. What is your opinion about the critique wanted tag.

Well, you know my opinion already :3.

Also would a #study tag make sense? There have been a few uploads of studies already and they are usually a very distinctive kind of art I find very interesting to look at.


I think a critique wanted tag would make sense. It would make it easier for people to know which user posts are looking for more feedback. And hey, if know one uses it, or it doesn’t seem that useful, you can just get rid of it then, right?

A “critique not wanted” tag was also in discussion. Allowing critique by default and giving users the chance to opt out on some posts. I like this because it’s how the site already works, basically.


True, well either one could work really, perhaps use both? Those who really don’t want critique can use one tag, and those who really do want critique can use the other. And others who, don’t mind critique, but also aren’t particularly looking for it, can just ignore the use of those tags?


I would like this option most: critique wanted to in-depth critique, critique not wanted for something very personal that the user don’t want critiqued, and basic critique allowed by default. (But I don’t really see a reason for critique-not-wanted to be used… I know some people do really dislike critique for some reason though).

On other sites people often use a not wanted tag for gifts and commissioned works because sometimes a harsh critique that points out a major mistake that slipped by unnoticed can really ruin an artwork for the commissioner or the person who got the gift.

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Thanks, that explained it a bit!

I would also suggest tags:
About the “critique-wanted” and “critique-not-wanted” tags - both could serve well, and having them as an option would be nice, also agree with @Takiro on #study tag (make sense to add that one too - cause study and actual work done by the same artist could differ in quality)
Also support @ArtAvenue tags suggestions - #sci-fi #character #abstract #cartoon #anime

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Alright, I have added some new tags so that you guys can use them. We now have #critique-wanted and #no-critique tags among others. Check tags page for the whole list.

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My suggestions:

  • #anthro or #anthropomorphic (this could include anything from cartoon animals to furry characters), since we already have several such artworks posted, so it would make sense to have a tag for it! I’m also specifically an anthro artist, BTW.
  • #study is very different from normal art, eg. it could include artist copies, tracings and many other things so it should have its own tag. (already suggested by @Takiro)
  • #linux, #windows and #macosx (and #android, when that platform becomes available) would be useful for the support category. Moreover, tags for popular distros, eg. #ubuntu, #archlinux, #debian etc. could be useful because the solutions to issues can sometimes be distro dependent. Also tags for Krita variants, eg. #krita-steam.
  • #competition and #challenge (suggested by @AleksConnects) would useful too I think.
  • #commission and #personal (suggested by @AleksConnects) would be also good to distinguish personal and non-personal works. Maybe instead of #commission have #work or #commercial?
  • #drawing, #painting and #photobashing in addition to the already existing #inks to cover these general techniques.
  • #abstract, and as a counterpart #representational would be useful because these two directions are extremely different.
  • #design (suggested by @AleksConnects) would be great for eg. T-shirt designs and such.
  • #reference, #brush-tips, #brush-presets, #textures, #bundles and other resource related tags for sharing resources.

P.s.: The Tags page apparently only shows tags that are used at least once, so it doesn’t reflect what tags exist.
P.p.s.: Found a small bug: If you type # at the beginning of a line, tag and category suggestions will not be shown. You need to write any character (eg. space) in front for the suggestions to show up. This might be a conflict with markdown?

I’m not really sure if we need a tag for anthropomorphic.

Unless it’s not allowed in the first place, a fanart tag?

I am against #ubuntu, #archlinux and other distro tags, because issues are very rarely distro-relevant in my experience. They can be, but they are rare. We can just make sure that the distro is in the title if it turns out to be relevant in some specific issue.

I am also against #personal because when it’s paired with #commision, it is easily understandable, but as soon as you have it on its own, it sounds as a tag for an artwork of something very intimate, important, personal to the artist.

Other than tag, I have no objections :slight_smile: Although I think the more tags we have, the more difficult it gets to select them while making a post?

We do have #fan-art tag.

Thanks for suggestions, I’ll keep note of things suggested in this thread and add tags as required going forward.

I could use the #anthro / #anthropomorphic tag already since pretty much all the art I upload falls into that specific genre. :smiley: