'Summer' Themed Drawing

What would you consider a good palette for a summer themed drawing?

I found one called Lemonade, which offers a variety of warm pink to white gradients, but was wondering if there were other palettes better suited for the theme?

I think that would depend a lot on the time of the day, the location and the weather.

You may find aprisun’s works interesting. She makes limited palettes work in sometimes quite surprising ways.

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I’ll make sure to check them out then!

As for the time of day, location, and weather, would you be referring to the fact that, for example, something set in the evening would use some soft orange colors, as part of a sunset? I’m still new to art and all, but I’m always happy to learn new things!

Yes. And a summer’s day on Greenland may use different colours than a summer’s day in Brazil. But I don’t think you should be overly concerned with the hue. Value and saturation is more important i.m.o. You can play around and have fun with the hue. Try mixing in some warm colours in a winter landscape, use some cool colours in your summer’s day.

One thing that seems to separate experienced artists from amateurs is the level of saturation. Amateurs often go with saturated prime colours while experienced artists often use greyish colours.

Here’s a crappy old rock with some grass:

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You definitely seem to have more talent and more knowledge around digital art, so I thank you for the help!

Thank you!

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I’m still struggling. But I have picked up some little things along the way.

Saw your pancake video. Absolutely horrible! But you’re a good entertainer. :wink:

Thank you, thank you! Entertaining is one of the things I enjoy doing.

I swear I can cook, I swear-

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