Summons to Frosthold - critique wanted

Latest drawing. Trying to improve. Any critique gratefully received!


If I were to offer criticism as requested I feel.that there is a lack of visual perspective .The mountains in the background are a similar value to those in the foreground which doesnt help with the impression of distance.This also tends to give the majority of the picture a very monotone appearance.I hope this critic is excepted with the goodwill with which it was intended .Thanks

Thanks for the comment, much appreciated! I really struggled trying to do a night picture without it being too monotone. Will try and differentiate the layers and see what I can do.

The same mistake is observable around the character. He seems to be camouflaged because his color, value and shape is so close to what’s around him.
What you can do is add a layer to each distance you see as relevant and paint a transparent layer of fog over it.

Your sky seems to be about a beautiful aurora borealis. Everything is blue, green and kinda saturated.
The white snow should reflect that. But yours stays grey so it looks more like grey concrete than white reflective snow.

also the repetition of the torch is making the village small. Because the torch in the distance is way too big and strong.

I think the other big thing is edge control. Edges are too soft in places, too harsh in others

Great discussion…thanks for sharing all!

Thanks for the comments! Going to have another go at this.


If you check online google for stunning digital scenery you might get some ideas of the standard background, mid-ground, and foreground values differences. Most good paintings have that formula done well. Look at @Soma from the krita community paintings for example. He is a master at it.

Another thing to help pop it up is the reflections from the fire which can bring the eye focus to it.

I take your point on the difficulty of monotone when it’s a night scene I perhaps should have gave a little more thought towards that . Though perhaps now given the other suggestions using the various light sources might be a suitable way around this.Its always easier from the critics perspective.:grin: Good luck with any changes

Another go at this. Not sure it is much better, but the sense of distance is improved.

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