Sweet time in Spring

hi !
This is my entry for the contest. My idea was to have them having a good time outside in the first days of warmth in Spring (after the cold of winter you just want to relax under the sun while the nature is restarting). So i imagine them traversing a forest, and ending up here, where they decide to take a break, having a moment of calm in the sun, before going back to their travel.

I wanted to have the logos kind of engraved on the stones … but i don’t know if i can change the logos that much so i redrawed them closer to their original (and in color).
I took me … way more time than expected since i always wanted more details !
Anyway it was fun see ya !
PS: sorry if my english has mistakes.



Currently result is good :slight_smile:

But, you can have 3 entries for the contest.
If you want you can provide another version of this painting with logo engraved in the stone, and explain the difference :wink:

Note that on other painting already submitted, many of them have logo engraved in wood for example


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