Switching between different tools

Hi I have a problem when using Krita on LInux Ubuntu, it switches between any type of tools especially when drawing

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Which version of Ubuntu are you using and which version (number) of krita?

Have you used krita on Ubuntu before with no problem and this problem has recently started to happen?
Or, have you only just started using krita and seen this immediately?

Which ‘package’ of krita do you use? e.g. the appimage from the krita website, an installation from the Ubuntu repository, a snap package, etc.

If you’re not using the appimage, please try that from here:
Krita Desktop | Krita

Does that mean that when you’re using the freehandbrush tool then it suddenly becomes the rectangular selection tool?
Can you give an example of the sort of thing that happens?

Hi, I’m using Ubuntu 18.04.5 LTS and I used a snap package, I tried restarting the laptop and the app image and it doesn’t open. I first discovered this problem when I started using a brush, it automatically changes between an eraser and the brush, I even tried using different brushes but it also changes.

I installed the app image but it said this:

When downloaded, an appimage doesn’t have execution permissions so you have to give it execution permissions.
Right-click on the appimage and select Properties.
Go to the Permissions tab and put a tick in the Execute option box.
The press OK and it will run when you double click it.
You can also rename it to just ‘krita-4.4.3’ if you like short simple names.

Does the brush icon on the Toolbar change between an eraser and a brush or do you mean that the Eraser Mode icon becomes active.

What brush name do you see at the bottom left of the screen on the status bar when this is happening?

Is it the same problem if you use the mouse or a graphics tablet?

Thank you so much!!! It’s working now… but what was wrong that it did that though?

My opinion/speculation is that it’s because of using a three year old distribution with a snap package. I know that the snap package worked ok with Ubuntu 20.04 when I tried it, just as a matter of interest, last year.

18.04 LTS has standard support for another two years so there’s no serious need to upgrade it, unless you want the latest shiny stuff.

Personally, I always use the appimage because it’s so simple to get, use and upgrade and it’s made by the krita developers.

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